How To Choose the Right Color of Flooring

How to Choose The Right Color of Flooring 3

With all the different styles, colors, and types of flooring out there, it can be overwhelming to choose one. What flooring you go with should ultimately be based off your own opinion, but here are some tips and guidelines to help you narrow down your decision.

Consider the room size

Of course colors won’t change the actual size of your room, but they can sure make it feel like a different size. Is the room large? Warm or dark tones of flooring should be your first choice. You may want to consider a darker grey or wenge colored floor. These colors often make the room feel smaller, but in turn give them a more cozy feel.

On the bright side of things, a lighter color floor can make a small room feel bigger than it really is. Using a light oak or even a light grey color of flooring are both great options. Having a lightly colored floor can give the room a spacious feel without clearing out the room.

Colors affect the atmosphere

The furniture, bed sheets, and floors color all work in conjunction to create the atmosphere in the room. Lighter color schemes will give the room a lighter, happier feel. Interior by brown shades of color will have a rustic, down to earth feel. If your going for a relaxed, cool, feel go with a grey dominated color scheme. Black will give a more serious and luxurious setting.

Remember the lighting

Do not underestimate the difference the lighting will create. The lighting will continuously change throughout the day. Therefore, it is important that you consider the time of day when you’re using the room. Bedrooms you only spend the evenings and nights in. Kitchens that you may use all throughout the day. When shopping for flooring, it is usually a good idea to get a floor sample. That way you can assess the floors look in natural light, artificial light, and throughout different times of the day.

Lighting Difference

Ease of cleaning

Lighter colors of floors will be more forgiving when it comes to showing dirt on the floors. Do you have pets? Or kids who forget to take their shoes off when they come in the house? If you do maybe lighter floors would be less of a hassle. Dark wood lovers shouldn’t be scared away though, it will just take more frequent cleaning and making sure to remember removing shoes at the door.

Final considerations

Think about some items that represent your interior. Whats your bed-frame look like? What color is your dresser and nightstand? Using the design and color of these objects will make choosing a flooring that complete the picture much easier. Ease of cleaning and room size are factors to consider, but ultimately your decision is yours. It should reflect the style and feel you want to give your living space.


  1. My floors get used pretty heavily. What is the best color of floor for hiding scratches?

    1. Thanks for the question Ruby, you will want a lighter tone of flooring. The darker the floor is, the more it will show scratches. Also, a more polished finished floor will show scratches more. So something with a low shine finish would help too.

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